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Small and Middle Company Client

To our small and middle company clients we offer the following services:

  • Checking Account: it facilitates the operation and development of your company by having total connectivity with the services TodaHora (Every Hour), Internet and Fonobank Empresas (Business Phonebank) on an easy and safe way.
  • Credit Line: Specially designed for sporadic cash deficits that occur in times of tax payments, retirement and salary contributions, amongst others.
  • Express Payment: It allows you to make salaries and retirement obligations payments on the Internet, without having to issue checks or transporting cash, which is easier and safer.
  • BanconexiĆ³n (Bank Connection): Electronic banking service that allows you to have access to all the information of your products and services offered by Banco de Chile. For example, you can see the image of your cashed checks and access to the account balances of your business credit cards.