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Nowadays we have special financing services for small and middle companies, for short, middle and long term:

Short Term

  • Credits: Commercial (depending on the needs of your company, you can apply for terms from 1 to 365 days) and Consumer (credits in pesos of free availability).
  • Factoring: This financing alternative allows you to receive the money of your documents in advance (invoices, bills of exchange, promissory notes, contracts or other assets) with a discount percentage. This way, you can receive the money of your accounts receivable before the agreed term.
  • Credit Cards: Business (for financing quickly your immediate needs in Chile and abroad) and Golden (for company needs like shopping, restaurants and trips).

Middle and long term

  • Proof of Purchase: It lets having a cash inflow, in pesos, Unidades de Fomento or foreign currency. They can be payable on sight or with a previous notification of 30 days, and have terms of up to 3 years in local currency and 2 years in foreign currency.
  • Credits: In instalments (alternatives for your long term financing in instalments), Corfo (Corfo financing for small and middle companies), Fogape (for financing your work capital needs and investment projects) and Mortgage (for housing and general objectives).
  • Leasing: this modern system of asset financing consists of a renting contract, on a previously agreed term, in which the tenant pays monthly instalments that totally pay off the total value of the goods. When finishing the contract, the tenant can purchase the good by paying the purchase option instalment.
  • Financing of Importers: In this service we offer alternatives like Letter of Credit, Abroad Cash Payment, Purchase of Import Documents (Forfaiting), Comexpress Credit Line, Letter of Local Credit and Financing of Import Collectings.
  • Financing for Exporters: In this case, the actual alternatives offered by Banco de Chile are Traditional Pae, Pae in pesos or UF, Pae with Corfo risk coverage, Purchase and/or discount of export documents and Advanced Payment of Letters of Credit.