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Consumer and Mortgage Credit


  • Personal Credit: Convenient interest rates, monthly and fixed in pesos.
    • Up to 90 days to start paying.
    • Up to 60 months deadline.
    • Monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or half-yearly instalments.
    • No payment option for up to 2 instalments during the year (non-consecutive).
    • Credit transfer to your Banco de Chile Checking Account.
    • Automatic charge of the instalments in your Banco de Chile´s Checking Account or credit card.
    • Fixed interest rate during the whole period.
  • Your Car Credit


At Banco de Chile we have mortgage credits that adapt to your needs: Mortgage Credit with Drafts / Negotiable Mutual Mortgage / Plus Mutual Mortgage / Variable rate Mutual Mortgage. You will also find the building credit.

  • Features:
    • Terms between 5 and 30 years.
    • Financing up to 75%-100% of your propertie´s commercial value.
    • Fixed or variable rates.
    • With grace periods.