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Checking Account

With the Checking Account of Banco de Chile, you obtain all the services for satisfying your needs and the support of the most prestigious financial institution from Chile.


For your convenience, we offer checks with two types of balance control sheet: inserted every 5 checks or continued at the beginning of the checkbook.
At Banco de Chile, you will also find checks with background images and customized left-handed checks.

Credit line

It is a financial backup that allows you to face unexpected expenses with tranquility and in the fastest and most convenient way.
It automatically covers incidental overdrafts in your Checking Account, and you only pay interests for the amount and days when used.


Chilecard identifies you as a client of Banco de Chile, it allows you to deal on the Redbanc ATM network in Chile and Plus all over the world and access to the TodaHora Customer Support.
You can also make purchases in stores that show the Redcompra brand, with direct charge to your Checking Account.

Automatic Bill Payment (PAC, in Spanish)

With this payment method you can pay your water, electricity, gas and other utility bills, automatically charged to your Checking Account. Thus, you will always be up to date with these obligations. Banco de Chile is the bank with the greatest amount of companies affiliated.

Electronic Bill Payment (PEC, in Spanish)

This method offers the possibility of paying your utility bills in the fastest and easiest way through the Internet, charging your Checking Account on the day you want.

Electronic payments on other websites

To make your management easier, Banco de Chile allows you to make electronic payments on other websites charged against your Checking Account. This way, you benefit yourself of a payment service with time coverage the 7 days of the week and 24 hours a day, besides of the safety this service implies.

Digipass or Second Electronic Code

It is a high-security electronic key, exclusive for Checking Account clients of Banco de Chile, that gives a second code through a small device for authorizing fund transactions to third parties. Nowadays you can not make transactions to other banks without your digipass.
If you still have not requested it, do it on any Banco de Chile branch until 14 PM weekdays. For more information call 600 637 3000.

Banca Joven

When joining this category you will be able to access to several exclusive benefits, as discounts at different stores: amusement, clothing, restaurants, pubs, discotheques and sports, amongst others.