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In the 7th version of the annual survey of the British magazine Euromoney for Private Banking, Bank of Chile won first place in our country in the categories Foreign Exchange Lending / FinancingSolutions, Real Estate Investment Corporate Executives and Specialized Services.

Banco de Chile transactional Banking was awarded with the Chairman's Club Award that Citibank worldwide delivery, innovation in its business with IPS. The national entity, through the Citi platform Worldlink sends payments to Sweden and Argentina to be cashed by the pensioners in cash in local currency.

The Banco de Chile was selected for the second year in a row as the best bank in the custody of our country, in the study "World's Best Sub-Custodian Banks" of the U.S. magazine "Global Finance" with the collaboration of experts.

Banco de Chile was elected as the best bank in our country, according to results of the annual survey of the British magazine The Banker, Top 1000 World Banks. The entity was recognized as the No. 1 bank of Chile, the No. 8 from Latin America and No. 252 of the world, improving 33 places globally compared to 2009.

The Banco de Chile was named the most solid private bank in Latin America, according to the ranking published by the prestigious U.S. magazine Global Finance, World's Safest Bank 2010.

The Banco de Chile was featured as one of the 10 most admired companies in Chile, a distinction that provides the Financial news paper and PricewaterhouseCoopers from a survey made to opinion leaders from leaders companies.

It´s important enough to mention that integrity, respect, commitment and professionalism of the staff of Banchile Investments have been fundamental in gaining recognition as one of the best companies to work in Chile in 2010 by getting the No.11 as Great Place according to Work Institute Chile.

General Funds Banchile won again the most awards in the annual surveys that delivered by Diario Financiero with the Association of Mutual Funds, This time, the subsidiary obtained 7 distinctions. One of the awards was Mutual Funds with the best relation between risk and profit of the domestic market.

Banchile was one of the most honored Administrators by the company FundPro . This awards considers the founds profitability, risk and adherence to investment objective, among others. This year, the subsidiary received 5 awards, and one of them was the best Manager of the Year in Segment Mutual Funds Short-Term Debt.