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Why Us?

Chile is a country in the extreme south part of America.

Chile is a country in the extreme south part of America of more than 4.200 kilometers length, which allows it to offer a diverse territorial scene. This is how it has endless coasts, lakes, volcanoes, glaciers, valleys, native forest on the south area and dry deserts on the extreme north. Added to that are, amongst others, the imposing Andes Mountains and the great see richness of the Pacific Ocean.

But Chile is not only that. Besides its natural conditions it has an open and solid economy, which has let it to be outlined as one of the most advanced and recognized economies of Latin America. With an essentially exporting profile, chilean economy is supported in its exporting character, mainly copper, cellulose, wood and food and agriculture products like horticultural, dairy and fishing. Also, its wine industry – of worldwide renowned prestige – has obtained a strong importance over the last decades.

Proving its economic liberalization policies, Chile is the country with the greatest amount of free trade agreements in the world, keeping treaties with economic regions that represent nearly 90% of the world´s population. Thus, agreements like the ones with Nafta, European Union and China stand out, which have allowed it to be one of the world´s most competitive and globalized economies.