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Online Payment Services

It is the Banconexión Web service, that allows you to have access to all the services of Banco de Chile, from any place and at any time. This way, you can optimize the cash flow management of your company, increase productivity and efficiency and count with consultancy and attention at the Help Desk for Companies.

Suppliers payment

Within the benefits included with this solution are, amongst others, avoiding the risks of maintaining at your buildings documents or cash for making the payments, lower administrative and control costs, information exchange between the bank and the company and the outsourcing of the publication of the invoice information.
Also, suppliers can access to the payments information of whom they are beneficiaries at

Remunerations payment

By making the payment of your employee´s salaries in a fast and safe way you will increase your productivity. This service gives you the chance of paying remunerations through: payment in your check or savings account of Banco de Chile or other banks, payment in Sight Account of Banco de Chile and cash payment with settlement.

Retirement Contribution Payments

This service allows fulfilling the retirement contributions payment of your employees, as obligatory and voluntary contributions, APV and unemployment insurance, in the determined dates and conditions.

Electronic Payments on other websites

Banco de Chile allows you to make electronic payments on other websites charged against your Checking Account. This can be done at any time, 365 days a year.

Automatic Bills Payment

The Automatic Bills Payment (PAC, in Spanish) delegates to the bank the payment of your bills with charge against your Checking Account, accessing to payment in more than 130 services or utility companies.

Fund Transfer

It carries out in an expeditious way the payments to your suppliers and fund transfers to related companies.